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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

 On Saturday I celebrated my birthday with two of my neighbours and friends who were also born in October. We called ourselves the October Chicks. We started the day with pumpkin soup, a gift from one of our neighbours who wasn't able to attend our party. Shortly after we had approximately 30 people arriving for pumpkin carving. Then we transformed the garden and party space for the evenings festivities. The weather was lovely. The sun was shining in the day and the stars in the night. We lit a camp fire and let it burn until the early hours of morning. 
It was all in all a perfect day, a perfect evening and a perfect birthday. 
My 41st. 

 We used Vintage Suitcases with plastic containers for the drinks. We hid the plastic from the containers with Autumn Leaves.

The chocolate fountain was a big success! 

Unfortunately photographs from the evening were not made due to illness and extreme busyness!

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Posted by: Teresa M


  1. Congratulations Teresa with your birthday!
    The fotos are wonderfull and look very enjoyable.
    I like following your blog.

    Greetings Diana


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