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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Colour Palette

 I have made some colour palettes. 

Colours -> Hex=76CDDB - Hex=EB2F70 - Hex=F2B48D - Hex=E0CD9B 

Colours -> Hex=C2B4B1 - Hex=665A4E - Hex=5C100A - Hex=A7AEA8 - Hex=A7856D - Hex=B6B5CD
Hex=888352 - Hex=334B36 - Hex=DEC5B3 - Hex=CE9B98

First image source is my ariadne at Home agenda from 2010. The second image source was the pinterest all page. I unfortunately do not know the original source.

Btw The picnic today was grand! 
My 'Under The Tuscan Sun' moment.
Although life gets in the way sometimes, still my wishs are coming true in unexpected ways!

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