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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Summer Party

So where I live we have along with our own private gardens a community garden. All of us that share that garden are part of a group called 'Centraal Wonen'. Twice a year we get together to celebrate the longest day and the shortest day of the year. Though the longest day was on June the 21st this year we are going to be celebrating it on July 17th. I, along with some of the children and one neighbour who is at the moment in Spain on vacation are planning it. Which in a nutshell means I am planning it! 

Plan A. Picnic at the Arboretum in De Lutte. First coffee and tea then on our bikes and off we will go. Arrival at the park with a warm welcome at the picnic tables which of course will be decorated and set for the festivities. One problem. The weather! It will not only rain but it will storm and weather warnings for the next week have been issued! Today sunshine and lovely weather and now as the evening approaches it looks like rain is on its way.

Plan B. Picnic in our community home! Wii for the kids (and those of us adults that want to show off our stuff with Wii Sport). Good music including the use of a record player and some good vinyl tracks. Some atmosphere music along with some feel good music to keep our spirits up. Good music, good food and good beverages! As long as we have a good time!

Challenge will be to create a summer atmosphere inside a space that looks like it hasn't seen paint since the seventies. A challenge I am up for. Photographs coming soon!


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