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Saturday, July 23, 2011

Painted the entry.

Yesterday I decided to paint one of the walls in my entry. 
They were already a shade of grey that the previous residents used. I had some paint leftovers and found this lovely shade of purple. One wall makes so much of a difference.


  1. I love the result!

    two days ago i told my husband, that i would like to paint two walls in the living room different... and all what he said was "but PLEASE tell me this time BEFORE!"
    because at the last time he was reading about via internet at his work, when he has had a look at my blog at lunchtime :))

  2. Thanks Maren!
    How funny that he found out about the walls when he read it on your blog! It is sometimes the way my daughter finds out I am doing things as well. It is never boring around here!


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